Coronavirus statement


May 10, 2020

Proposed HCOC Reopening Guidelines for May 17, 2020

We want to encourage anyone who has a compromised immune system, or falls into the category of being most susceptible to the virus to stay home and stay safe. We will continue to have a livestream of our services.

We want to encourage anyone who may be sick or has any COVID19 symptoms to stay home to keep others safe.

We want to encourage anyone age 65 and above to evaluate carefully whether they should attend or not attend.

We will have a worship service only at 10AM at the church building. Both the 10AM worship service and the 5PM service will continue to be on the livestream.

Morning Bible classes will continue to be on Zoom or by recorded video. Zoom classes will begin at 8:45AM and will need to end by 9:25AM, which will allow worship service attendees to be at the building by 9:50.


We are asking all attendees to wear a mask and to use the hand sanitizers as they enter the building.

We are asking that only one person or family unit to be in the restrooms at a time.

We are asking all members/families to practice Social Distancing by staying six feet apart.

We are asking all members/families to come in and be seated and not congregate in different areas of the building.

If two family units are sitting on the same row, make sure you are practicing social distancing. If you cannot practice social distancing, one family unit will need to move to another row.

All entry doors will be propped open. There will be no need to touch doors.

Ushers and Safety Team members will be at each entrance greeting and giving instructions and reminders.


Signage will be placed at six locations reenforcing the reopening guidelines.

We encourage you not to use or touch the song books, pew Bibles and attendance cards that are in the racks. Attendance cards will not be collected.

There will not be a worship bulletin available. To receive any updated information, you can listen to TELL (989-7355), go to or sign up to receive the eHub on Fridays by email.

The communion packets will be placed at all entrances.

Contribution envelopes will be on the tables at each entrance. You can drop the contribution in the basked when you leave the service, you can mail your contribution to the office, you can give online through the website or give your contribution to any elder.

Seating in the auditorium has been marked off and will be visible as to where you can sit and not sit. We will be using in most cases every other row.

Mike McCutchen will give instructions on how we will depart from the service at the end of the worship service before he leads the closing prayer.