Sermons on James

He Lifts!

We continue our January series of studies on God, our Father.  Tonight, we look at ways God lifts (exalts) us if we remember and follow the wisdom of this text in Scripture.

A Faith to Live By

We experience virtually the same kinds of problems today that Christians to whom James was writing faced.  We need a faith to live by in the midst of all these problems just like those first century Christians needed.

Three Tests in One Day!

It’s Final Exam week for our University students, and we wish them well as the Fall semester comes to a close.  As students have multiple exam days, so does the child of God as he/she looks into the mirror of God’s Word and sees what we must do and what we must not do.  The…

Blessings In Suffering

Suffering is one common denominator that we all share.  In fact, suffering is one of the most common factors that lead people away from God, but yet He tells us to count our suffering as a blessing.  What good can even come from suffering?  Let us join together and search the Word of God to…