Focused on God

God Loves

Perhaps all of us can quote John 3:16 so well that we can forget how powerful this passage is.  Let’s take a close look at this “golden text” of the Bible.

He Lifts!

We continue our January series of studies on God, our Father.  Tonight, we look at ways God lifts (exalts) us if we remember and follow the wisdom of this text in Scripture.

He Lives!

As our elders announced last week, each month of 2018 will feature a different Biblical study theme.  We begin with God, our gracious Heavenly Father.  How can we know that He lives?

God Listens

In the month of January, Billy and I will present some lessons on God that will include some of His characteristics that are so important to us.  One of the great blessings is that we have a God who listens to us when we bring our blessings, troubles, thanks and sorrows to Him in prayer.