Sermons by Billy Smith

Rise Up!

This is the theme for this week’s 39th Horizons at FHU and a follow-up to last year’s theme of “Broken.” When God heals us of our brokenness, we then “rise up” to be His people, to do His work, to His glory.

Daniel’s Vision for the Future

When God gave Daniel the meaning of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, He also gave the promise of the “kingdom that will never be destroyed, but will endure forever.” That kingdom is the Lord’s church, of which we are members; therefore, Daniel’s vision includes us!

Gifts For Dad

It’s Father’ Day, a day to congratulate and say “thank you” to the great dads of our congregation. Just as we are blessed with wonderful examples of Christian womanhood and motherhood in our church family, we are equally blessed with outstanding men who daily demonstrate what it means to be a father. We thank our…

Write Your Own Story

Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders is his emotional summary of his three years serving with them. From his story we glean life principles that should inspire us in writing our own story.

In Christ Alone

They were unpopular words when they were first spoken by Peter, and they are even more unpopular today. However, the gospel must never be compromised: Jesus is the only name through which we can be saved.

Is the Young Man Safe?

They are among the most painful words of Scripture: “And the young man, Absalom, is he safe?” These are the words of an aging King David mourning the rebellion of his own son, yet longing for his safe return from battle. It is a question for the ages, and it is a question for us…