Sermons by Billy Smith

Practicing What We Preach

Matthew 23 has been called “the stormy north side of Jesus.” In the strongest language of His ministry, He condemns the Pharisees for “saying things but not doing them.” The lesson is obvious: what we teach, we must practice.

Come With Us and We Will Do You Good

The words of Moses is our theme for the month. After receiving good advice from Jethro, his father in law, Moses now extends to Jethro an invitation to march with the children of Israel to the land of Canaan. The story provides a striking parallel to our life in the church today.

Jesus, Our prince of Peace

It is the will of God that there be “peace on earth, good will toward men.” While we live in this blessed peace, the world will never know it until they confess Jesus as the Son of God, and become obedient to Him.

How Much Should i give?

We are the most blessed people in the world, yet our level of giving to the Lord does not always show it.  We have an upcoming opportunity to glorify God and help the church meet its annual budget.  May our focus be on what we can do to help.

You Were Running Well!

In writing to the churches of Galatia, Paul addresses the problem of how well they had started the Christian race but they also had fallen behind.  Today, why do so many begin well but do not finish?