Sermons by Jeremy Hall

A Faith that Thrives

When talking about ways to keep faith alive and surviving, it’s easy to focus only on all the things we do ourselves to make that happen.  We also need to step back and consider that a faith that truly thrives, in the end, is one that hasn’t tried to steal the show and not let…

A Faith that Survives

Often as Christians, we grow comfortable where we are and don’t develop our spiritual potential to the point it needs to be to survive complacency.  A faith that survives in a mature Christian must go beyond the basics of spiritual disciplines to finding our individual unique place and spiritual potential in the church.

A Faith that Dies

Freed-Hardeman can either be one of the greatest things for faith or a dangerous thing for faith, depending on how it is utilized.  It’s tempting to allow simply being at a Christian university and taking Bible classes to constitute the full extent of faith during college years.  All the while, faith will die if we…