Sermons by Roy Sharp

The Compassion of a Father

A Godly father is a tremendous blessing for any family.  The depth of feelings developed between a father and his family is wonderful to see.  When we study the compassionate feelings that our God and Father has for us, it should be overwhelming to us.

An Example of Everyman

How we respond to the world round about us is usually closely related to how we see ourselves.  If we are not in need, we often do not see the needs of others.  With regards to our spiritual needs, we must see ourselves as an example of “Everyman.”

Linked In

There is a site on the internet that is called “LinkedIn.”  Its basic purpose is to link people together to serve as a helping network for getting a job, finding the right person to fill a job, sharing professional knowledge, building your professional reputation and just keeping up with former colleagues.  God gives us a…