Sermons from April 2016

Under the Circumstances

Unforeseen and unpredictable events can cause us to live “under the circumstances.”  In a stirring passage of Scripture, Paul reminds the Philippians and us there is a better way: we must learn how to live through our circumstances rather than under them.

A Brand New Beat

This is the theme for this year’s Makin Music at FHU.  The idea was to take old songs and cast them in a new light, to a brand new beat.  As the children of God, we also have been made new in Christ Jesus our Lord.  What does this mean, and how does this look…

When We Do Not Understand

I wish I could explain the tragic world events like the recent airport and train bombings in Brussels, Belgium, but I cannot.  If our faith was based on our own understanding, it would not be faith at all.  Instead, our faith is in the only One who understands what we cannot and tells us to…