What To Expect

And we want you to be comfortable when you visit. So here’s an idea of what you can expect at one of our Sunday morning services:

Every part of our worship centers on praising, uplifting, and exploring God in the ways He’s directed. We try to forget ourselves as much as possible and instead look to Him for guidance. in doing this, we engage in worship that includes simply what we find in the New Testament descriptions of early Christian worship.

Every time we gather, we lift our voices in praise to God. Our songs are chosen to express to God our admiration and to teach and encourage those singing alongside us.

During our prayers, we approach God with respect, love and wonder. We believe that a relationship with God depends on prayer and that our church must be a praying church in order to truly be connected to Him.

This is a memorial celebration that we engage in every Sunday. We follow the model of Christ’s last supper, during which He encouraged His followers to remember His death through the drinking of “the fruit of the vine” and “the breaking of bread.” We remember Christ’s blood as we drink and Christ’s body as we eat. This “meal” is a beautiful symbol of the unity we find in Christ. It’s also a remembrance of the sacrifice Christ made for all people and a celebration of the effects that sacrifice has had in our lives.

After the communion, we pass out baskets and encourage our members to partner with one another and with God by giving money to enable the church’s work in the world. The work we do focuses on showing Christ to the world and helping those in need.

During this part of the service, one of our ministers will direct us in a study of God’s Word. We strive to present lessons that are Bible-based, dynamic, challenging and relevant.

When you visit Henderson, you’ll meet people of all ages; people with different backgrounds, different skin colors, different educational levels, and just about any other difference you can imagine. What brings us together is love for and respect for God. We believe listening to God and obeying Him are the most important things we can do. While we often fail, we are striving to improve every day – to honor and serve Him with consistency.

We hope you’ll also notice how connected our members are to one another. The church here is a family. We help one another in tough times and celebrate with one another in good times. We are all willing to make sacrifices for one another because of the sacrifice God made for us.

We’d love for you to visit our weekly Bible study periods at 9AM on Sunday mornings and at 7PM on Wednesday evenings. During these sessions, we divide based on age or interests to study the Bible in depth.

Our children receive a thorough education in what it means to know and serve God. From birth through high school, students are introduced to the personalities, stories and life lessons contained in their Bibles. Teachers are full of energy, creativity and love.

Our adult classes are as varied as our members are. These classes (including classes for young couples, middle-aged professionals, seniors, college students, men, women, and singles) allow our members to dig deeply into Bible study.

Thanks for checking us out. Come and visit any time. We Love Visitors.